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Salma Hayek's Husband Fathered a Baby With Supermodel Linda Evangelista

Here's a baby mama shocker that'll make your head spin.
/ Source: E!online

Here's a baby mama shocker that'll make your head spin.

Salma Hayek, arguably one of the most beautiful women on the planet, is now married to her very wealthy husband of two years, Franois-Henri Pinault. But around the time they met in 2006, Pinault was making sweet love to another one of the world's most beautiful women, Linda Evangelista. Hey, it helps to have all that cash.

Nothing out of the ordinary for a man like him to have some gorgeous arm-candy attached to him. Thing is, he got both women pregnant that same year, resulting in the two sex sirens now having 4-year-olds by the French luxury brand owner--except that Evangelista had kept her baby daddy's name secret this whole time.

Until, that is, she was spotted in a New York court arguing over a child support agreement she made with Pinault. According to public records at the court, there are ongoing proceedings between her and Pinault.

So what's happening now? And did Salma know?

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Evangelista played the January Jones game, keeping her baby daddy's name mum, then even lying to protect Pinault when she claimed in interviews the father was a "New York architect." New York architect, French luxury brand owner, potato, potahto.

There had been previous murmurs of Pinault being the father of her son, Augustin James Evangelista. Page Six fingered the businessman in 2007, though Evangelista's rep denied it. But the leggy beauty's longstanding cover was blown yesterday when she appeared in Manhattan Family Court to hash out a custody agreement with Pinault.

The 46-year-old supermodel has been to the court at least three times now, with no agreement being reached on their custody plans, which means a support trial is likely. Pinault was not present yesterday at the hearing, but the Manhattan magistrate's court action confirms to the New York Post that he is in fact the father.

According to Evangelista and Hayek's pregnancy timelines, Evangelista conceived their baby boy in early 2006, during the time he was reportedly separated from then-girlfriend Hayek.

Hayek, 44, became pregnant in late 2006, giving birth to Valentina Paloma Pinault in September 2007.

Which means both ladies had his buns baking in their ovens that year.

No word on whether Hayek knew that Pinault, 49, was Evangelista's baby daddy, but the actress repeatedly insisted in interviews that her husband has just three children, their girl and two kids from a previous marriage that ended in 2004.

Pinault can certainly afford to care for his offspring--he owns Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci and other luxury brands and jets from New York to Los Angeles to Paris on a regular basis.

Before he married the Frida star, the duo had called off their engagement in July 2008 but reconciled shortly thereafter. They married on Valentine's Day in 2009 in a small town hall ceremony in Paris. Months later, the couple threw a celeb-filled bash in Venice to celebrate.

Pinault's attorney David Aronson declined to discuss his client's case with E!, saying it is a private matter between private poeple. Evangelista's attorney has not yet responded for comment.

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