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That time Salma Hayek babysat and made dinner at Ryan Reynolds' house

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/ Source: TODAY
By Randee Dawn

We should all have guests over for dinner who act like Salma Hayek!

Based on a fun picture the Oscar-nominated actress posted Thursday, she's more than willing to pitch in where needed while over for dinner with friends.

Hayek, who co-stars with Ryan Reynolds in "The Hitman's Bodyguard," was apparently visiting with her pal when the kitchen — and child care of one of their little ones — called. Well, who says she can't multitask?

And she does seems to be having a lot of fun while Reynolds applauds in the background.

Maybe it's for the best that she's doing the cooking; Reynolds recently told Men's Health that he's no chef-in-training: "I am not innovative in the kitchen," he said. "If I cook, you'll have a structure fire. The firemen will kick down our door, take my wife away, and give her a better life."

We're pretty certain she's got 10-month-old Ines (mother is Blake Lively, of course) on her hip, but Hayek has labeled the pic as a throwback, so we're not sure just how vintage this shot is!

Whenever it's from, we can tell everybody's having a terrific time. Now, how can we get Hayek to come over to our place to make a meal?

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