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Sacha Baron Cohen hit with a lawsuit

A woman claims she was defamed in the popular star’s television program ‘Da Ali G Show.’
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Sacha Baron Cohen was slapped with a lawsuit earlier this month by a woman who claims she was defamed in the popular star’s television program “Da Ali G Show,” Access Hollywood has learned.


The plaintiff, a female, born in the UK, but based out of California is suing Cohen, HBO and “Da Ali G Show” productions for damages allegedly resulting from libel, slander, invasion of privacy, fraud, negligent misrepresentation and negligent infliction of emotional distress. She is also requesting injunctive relief.

The case was filed earlier this month in the county of Los Angeles.

In particular, the plaintiff, who goes under “Jane Doe,” claims she was a member of the Jewish youth group Habonim, and, in the summer of 1987, went on a trip from Britain to Israel. Baron Cohen, she claims was on that trip. The lawsuit claims the two went their separate ways “over time,” but friend’s contacted her after hearing her name on “Da Ali G. Show” in 2004.Baron Cohen’s Ali G character is accused of using the plaintiff’s real name in an offensive manner while interviewing Gore Vidal.

Ali G is quoted as calling the plaintiff a “bitch” that he “used to go out with.”The segment quoted in the lawsuit reads: “Ain’t it better sometimes, to get rid of the whole thing rather than amend [the constitution] cos like me used to go out with this bitch called Heddi Cundle and she used to always trying amend herself. Y’know, get her hair done in highlights, get like tattoo done on her batty crease, y’know have the whole thing shaved — very nice but it didn’t make any more difference. She was still a minger and so, y’know me had enough and once me got her pregnant me said alright, laters, that is it. Ain’t it the same with the constitution?”Despite the statement being uttered by a fictional character, the plaintiff refers to the claims as uttered by Cohen himself and says Cohen’s statements are not true.“That part of the segment which refers to the Plaintiff as having been pregnant by Baron Cohen is libelous on its face. It clearly exposes Plaintiff to hatred, contempt, ridicule and obloquy because it outright imputes unchastity to her, and it describes a sexual relationship with Plaintiff and an assertion of Plaintiff’s pregnancy by Baron Cohen as a result of that sexual relationship,” the lawsuit reads.It appears from Cundle’s filing that a settlement was reached between herself and HBO in November of 2004, and allegedly required HBO to edit the show to remove her name in “future global broadcasts.” The lawsuit claims she discovered the “offending,” unedited material made it out to various outlets including YouTube and Finnish television after the settlement agreement was signed.

As a result of the material, the plaintiff claims to have suffered loss of reputation, stress, worry, physical pain, humiliation, shame, mortification and hurt feelings. She claims, as a result of Ali G’s comments, she has suffered special damages and her profession has been “greatly impaired.” Her lawsuit further claims “the disruption caused to Plaintiff’s reputation and business, the Plaintiff has sustained substantial compensable losses, including economic losses.”

She wants a global recall of the materials, legal costs and attorney fees and “further relief as the court may deem just and proper.”

HBO told Access Hollywood they do not comment on lawsuits.

Representatives for Baron Cohen were called, but could not be reached at press time.