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Sabrina Bryan voted off again in week 6 of 'Dancing With the Stars'

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Sabrina Bryan and Louis Van Amstel's rumba on Monday earned them a perfect 30 from the judges, but fans weren't as impressed.

The all-stars kicked up their heels with country-themed routines this week on "Dancing With the Stars," but for one hopeful it was time to giddyap out of the ballroom on Tuesday night. And it wasn't the celebrity at the bottom of the leaderboard (Kelly Monaco) after Monday's performances who had to go. It wasn't even the second lowest scorer (Emmitt Smith).

No, instead there was a big shock in the ballroom as one of the judges' favorites, still riding high from a perfect score, got the boot. And it wasn't just the typical elimination shocker that's bound to happen at this point in the season. It was a case of history repeating itself.

Sabrina Bryan, the only all-star voted into the competition by "Dancing" fans, failed to get enough votes to stay in the game past week six -- which just so happened to be the week she suffered an elimination shocker back in season five despite being the judges' "Dancing" queen pick then too.

"You know, everyone -- every single person -- can understand what it feels like to get a second chance at something," Sabrina said as she faced her repeat fate. "This was my second chance. And last night was one of the most beautiful nights I've ever had. ... I'm grateful for this experience. 'Dancing With the Stars' has honestly just been just an absolute dream."

But as the Disney Channel star knows all too well, some dreams must come to an end -- again.

"I think I can speak for all of the people who love you and love watching you, that both last time you were here and this time, week six sucks!" quipped host Tom Bergeron.

But Sabrina's early exit from the competition wasn't the only surprise of the night. Pro hoofer Derek Hough revealed that he performed his Monday night tractor-lovin' dance (alongside all-star Shawn Johnson) with injured vertebrae in his neck. The ailment will sideline him next week, leaving Shawn to dance with Mark Ballas, her winning pro partner from season eight.

Also coming up next week, the remaining all-stars have to face an all-new challenge: fusion dances. That means each couple will have to perform two styles of dance in one song as part of one routine. The competitors picked the fusion blends for each other Tuesday night. Here they are:

  • Apolo Anton Ohno will be performing a combo of the cha-cha-cha and the paso doble.
  • Emmitt Smith will take on a blend of the rumba and the samba.
  • Giles Marini will be performing part Argentine tango and part samba.
  • Kelly Monaco will dance a cha-cha-cha meets foxtrot.
  • Kirstie Alley will take on the challenging mesh of quickstep and samba.
  • Shawn Johnson will dance the tango-paso mix.

So, who's likely to leave the ballroom after those tricky routines? No one! Thanks to the double whammy of Superstorm Sandy this week and Election Day next week, the show's producers saw fit to make it a non-elimination round. But the free pass isn't exactly a perk for the all-stars. While they're all guaranteed to make it through to week 8, they'll have to face back-to-back double eliminations from there until the finals.

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