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Ryan O’Neal: I'll win 'Dancing' next year

A knee injury sidelined Ryan O’Neal from “Dancing with the Stars” this season, but Ryan told Access Hollywood that he’ll be back next year — and he plans on winning the mirrorball!
/ Source: Access Hollywood

A knee injury sidelined Ryan O’Neal from “Dancing with the Stars” this season, but Ryan told Access Hollywood that he’ll be back next year — and he plans on winning the mirrorball!

“I have one good knee. I had it redone. So I decided if I was really gonna do the show I should have my knee redone because the first one really works,” Ryan told Access on Wednesday night at an event for The Farrah Fawcett Foundation in Los Angeles.

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“So I’ll get one more [good knee] then I’ll prepare for next season because I had to sign on, I had to give them [a] promise I would be on next season,” the 70-year-old actor continued. “I will win. I will win. If the gods are with us, I will win. I’m a pretty good dancer.”

Adding, “I’ll get one [knee] done in month and I guess I’ll learn the splits.”

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Ryan also spoke to Access about his volatile relationship with daughter Tatum O’Neal, which has been strained since they wrapped their OWN reality series, “Ryan & Tatum: The O’Neals.”

“I don’t think there is a Season 2, that’s my sense,” he explained. “Did I open up? I tried. Does Tatum like me any better? No. So what’s the point?”

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However, Ryan was quick to shoot down rumors that the show’s drama was all just an act.

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“Never! Never! Are you kidding? How can you act that? How can you act that?” he told Access.

Despite his troubles with Tatum, Ryan is not completely ruling out another season in front of the cameras with his daughter.

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“We haven’t talked in two months. Not a word… It’s a tricky family,” he told Access. “There’s so much pride and there is so much injury, it’s very difficult. Perhaps if we did a second season we could close some of those doors.”

Though Ryan questions if the viewers would tune in for another round.

“No one ever seemed to watch it anyway,” he continued offering up some criticism of how OWN promoted his reality show. “The Oprah channel could use some publicity, by the way.

“Oprah, that’s between you and me,” he said right to the Access camera.

Ryan claimed that while he and Tatum filmed their series, Oprah was nowhere to be found.

“Never saw her, never spoke to her, not a note, not a line. Not a word, never saw her on the set never, never…don’t even think she was in Los Angeles… I guess the reasons why we did it is Oprah has a magical touch and that with a combination of Oprah and hope that [Tatum] and I could get manage to get past what was bothering us,” Ryan said. “We needed her and she didn’t show.”

In June, Tatum appeared on Access Hollywood Live, where she spoke candidly about her rollercoaster relationship with her father.

“It’s a work in progress… nothing’s perfect but we’re trying,” Tatum said at the time. “I choose to do the [OWN] show to try to do a healing, to try to make the conversation happen… It’s hard work. Was it cathartic working with him? Sometimes fun, sometimes not.”

Adding, “We fell apart for 20 years, we could fall apart forever.”

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