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Ryan Gosling flips out over 'Hey Girl' meme in new video with Russell Crowe

Gosling reckons with the meme "Hey Girl" in a new video with his "The Nice Guys" co-star Russell Crowe
/ Source: TODAY

Hey girl, fair warning: Super-sensitive man of your dreams Ryan Gosling denies having ever said "Hey Girl."

Russell Crowe does not appreciate the association.BuzzFeed Celeb/Facebook

The revelation comes during a "Couples Therapy" video made for BuzzFeed featuring Gosling and his "The Nice Guys" co-star Russell Crowe, in which the "Gladiator" actor confronts Gosling with not just the phrase, but all the merchandising that phrase has generated over the years.

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Gesturing at a table of books, shoes and other items emblazoned with Gosling's sweet face and the phrase, Crowe asks, "Don't you think I have a right to know that you're engaging in this kind of commercialism?"

All the "hey girl" merchandise you could ever want.BuzzFeed Celeb/Facebook

"I had nothing to do with it!" says Gosling.

Unconvinced, Crowe asks, "If not you, then who?"

"I never said it!" insists Gosling.

"It's your life choices that have led to this s---," notes Crowe.

But we're already weeping, maybe harder than when we saw "The Notebook." How can Gosling take this away from his fans? Does it really matter that yeah, he never said it? It's a meme. Memes matter.

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Ryan, please: Eat some cereal and get back to us. We know you'll feel differently later.

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