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Hey, girl! Wanna get married? Ryan Gosling helps out with this sweet proposal

Sure, he's a handsome leading man, but what has Ryan Gosling done to make us swoon lately? This.
/ Source: TODAY

Sure, he's a handsome leading man who enjoys knitting, occasionally saving the life of a random passerby and having a laugh at his own adorably dorky tween dance moves. But what has Ryan Gosling done to make us swoon lately?

Well, this:

(The moment begins just a bit before the 12-minute mark.)

Just when it seemed the actor couldn't get any dreamier, Gosling proved he certainly could by helping out a fan in need during a Q&A at the South by Southwest premiere of his film "Lost River."

"I think your film was amazing, and I'm going to kind of take away from [it for] a second if I can, and ask my girlfriend of 11 years if she'll marry me," the audience member said.

That's all Gosling needed to know. "We got a marriage proposal going on here!" he told the rest of the crowd as he broke out in a smile. Then the star rushed forward and offered up his microphone, so the woman could propose for everyone to hear.


In the end, the girlfriend said yes, and Gosling said "Congratulations!"

The actor also took that as a cue to wrap up the Q&A, since nothing was going to top that moment.

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