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/ Source: TODAY
By Gina Vivinetto

Step aside, "Property Brothers," there's a new HGTV sibling act in town.

Saturday's season premiere of "Saturday Night Live" introduced fans to "The Fliplets," a trio of brothers who specialize in real estate, renovations and really trippy pronouncements.

The kooky parody stars guest host Ryan Gosling, who plays Tristan, the way too intense brother of two fellas who make a living buying and flipping houses just like HGTV stars Drew and Jonathan Scott. While shooting a short promo for the brothers' upcoming series, Tristan goes straight to a dark place — and stays there.

While his cheery brothers discuss their passion for homes, Tristan goes way off-topic, sharing painful childhood memories of their parents' divorce, made all the more hilarious thanks to Gosling's Oscar-winning acting.

"Well, when are we going to talk about it? I mean we’ve never talked about what happened," he pleads.

Troubled Tristan grows creepier by the second, and soon he's delivering a chilling — but hilarious — monologue about seeing a man get hit by a bus when he was 12.

"I had plenty of time to intervene but I was frozen, not by fear, but by a dreadful excitement," he reveals in a chillingly funny monotone. "I just watched him, like it was all a little show that God was putting on just for me...And in that moment I died a little unto myself, but I was reborn as the lizard I was destined to become."

As for the Property Brothers, they got a kick out of the bizarro sketch. "Haha. I guess I retire now?" asked Jonathan on Twitter.

Meet "The Fliplets" in the video above!