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Ryan Gosling cringes watching his old dance moves — and it's fantastic

Before he was the star of "La La Land," he was a mini M.C. Hammer!
/ Source: TODAY

Ryan Gosling shows off some pretty nifty dance moves in his Golden Globe-winning film “La La Land,” but he was really holding back.

Gosling was a member of a dance troupe when he was a kid, and Graham Norton, host of "The Graham Norton Show," made him watch some of his early fancy footwork. It was a little cringe-worthy for Gosling, but it’s incredibly entertaining for the rest of us!

In the clip, Gosling performs some incredible dance steps straight out of the early ‘90s. The highlight, though, is the purple-and-silver outfit he’s wearing. The baggy pants and chain really make him look like a mini M.C. Hammer!

“I wish I could say someone said, ‘Here, you have to wear this,’ but that was my idea,” Gosling told Norton.

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He explained that the video, which first went viral a few years ago, is from an appearance he made on “some kind of Canadian ‘Star Search’” with his dance troupe, which was all female. Except for him, of course.

How old was the Canadian actor at the time? “Old enough to know better,” Gosling joked.

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Gosling may not enjoy watching old video of himself on the dance floor, but we can’t get enough of it!

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