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'Runway' welcomes new designers, sends five packing

Can you believe it’s been SO long since we’ve had “Project Runway”? I’ve almost forgotten what Heidi Klum looks like! Governments have crumbled, natural disasters have struck and inflexible workaholic stylist Rachel Zoe has reproduced! It’s an upside-down world we live in. Tim Gunn, carry me away! But because I am SO excited about “PR” being back on the air (and I do hope you will join my “PR” HitFix Fantasy League), I’m starting early (yes, I’m watching that filler casting episode) and I’m live blogging. I simply cannot wait to get my “PR” fix. I’m jonesing!

Tim Gunn will be narrating this time filler episode, which makes it quite all right with me. We get to see the initial judging process. Some people bring crap to auditions. And this is unlike any other reality show? Um, no it's not. Seth Aaron Hnderson and Zanna Roberts-Rossi of Marie Claire will also offer input.

We meet Cecilia. She thinks fashion is war. She will fight with her spear to the last drop of blood. So violent! She licks butts when she has to. I am scared of Cecilia. So is Zanna. My first candidate for a workroom catfight!

Amanda is chirpy. That's all we get, really.

Julie skateboards. She sings karaoke. Everything she designs looks like a blanket. But Seth is super-duper impressed. Personally, if I wanted someone to cut up crap from REI I'd just do it myself. She doesn't like pretty. But if pretty is defined by Laura, I don't either.

Laura likes to do things with zebra print. She seems like someone who would have a purse dog.

Viktor can't help being fierce. He's from Mexico. If you push him, he'll scratch.

Anya is from Trinidad and doesn't dig negativity. She was Miss Trinidad and Tobago. Her brother died in a car accident. I'm interested in Anya. Her clothes look warm weather, but wearable.

Oh dear, the inspirational applicants. Bryce is Mormon. And gay. He's had death threats. He used to dress up Barbies. I like that he makes clothes with multiple uses, but one legged jeans?

Rafael was homeless for two years. Seth likes his use of geometric shapes and structure. I do, too. He's a little MTV, but as long as it's not Gwetchen mall stuff, fine by me.

Anthony is two kinds of color blind. He's had testicular cancer. I have to admit -- I thought, before seeing his stuff, that he had to be doomed (he's COLOR BLIND, come on!). But his designs are knda cool. Go figure!

Read the full recap, including a rundown of the rest of the designers, on HitFix.com.

Just don't get too attached to those designers. Five didn't even make it past the premiere episode. Watch the clip below to see the first cuts.


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