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'Runway' designers get low, while Heidi gets high -- on stilts

So, this week's challenge looks ... well, really wrong-headed. Heidi addresses the designers while wearing stilts. She then informs them that they must create an outfit for a stilt walker. But that's not the REAL challenge. Our diva-ish designers must also work in teams of two. Oh, the fun never starts!

If you're wondering why I think the challenge looks wrong-headed, my reasoning is this: the judges are CONSTANTLY harping about how they don't want to see costume on the runway. But this week, they're dressing women wearing stilts. Are you really supposed to make a refined, sophisticated dress for someone wearing stilts? Why not make gowns for clowns? At least it rhymes. I'm just saying, if the judges want real clothes that real women can wear, here's a hint: most women do not wear STILTS.

Anyway, Heidi tells the designers which other designers they're stuck with. Viktor is paired with Bert. Things between these two start off badly before we even get away from Heidi's velvet bag of horrors. Viktor doesn't want to deal with Bert, and Bert is offended by Viktor's childish behavior. I see a cat fight brewing! Although I'm really not sure on which one I should put my money. Bert's shaping up to be quite a pain, but Viktor doesn't strike me as Mr. Rogers, either.

Anthony Ryan is teamed up with Laura. Joshua M. is paired with Julie. Joshua M. thinks Julie's a little bit lost. A little bit lost? That's the understatement of the year, especially coming from Josh, King of the Overstatement (fashionwise, at least).

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