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Rumors flying about Matt Damon’s wedding

Don’t believe everything you read about Matt Damon’s wedding.
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Don’t believe everything you read about Matt Damon’s wedding.

Peculiar details have emerged about the recent nuptials of the “Ocean’s Twelve” star to Lucianne Bozan at City Hall in Manhattan — but it turns out their “source” was hardly rock-solid.

Various publications around the world, as well as several Web sites, have “reported” on such bizarre tidbits as a garbageman catching the bridal bouquet, wedding guests dining on pretzels and knishes from a roadside cart, and the newlyweds trying to hail a taxi which was commandeered by a pushy Wall Streeter who told them, “I don’t give a [bleep] who you are — I’m late for a lunch.”

The reports, it seems, were based on an account that originally appeared in — and was obviously a spoof, but was picked up without credit and repeated as fact. “Incompetent reporting at its best,” groused a fan site at

Damon’s publicist laughed it off. “This sort of thing happens all the time,” she told The Scoop. “People just make things up.”

Quincy no fan of goreJack Klugman played a forensic expert on TV — but he’s no fan of the current crop of such shows, which he calls “gory” and “stupid.” The long-time “Odd Couple” star also played medical examiner Dr. Quincy on television from 1976 to 1983.

“The difference between ‘Quincy’ and the shows that are on now, ‘Quincy’ dealt with the living,” the actor . “If I did an autopsy it was to find out who the murderer was and to stop them from murdering other people. Or if there was an epidemic, the autopsy was to find out the cause of the epidemic and to save people’s lives. They [give the] gory details. They get a body, they paint it blue, they show you. ... they cut it open and the blood comes out. … all that stuff, which is stupid.”

Notes from all overScarlett Johansson says Woody Allen was obsessed with her love life. “He’s not always sure of himself, and that’s a sexy quality,” the “Love Match” star tells the upcoming issue of Life magazine regarding her director. “But you know what cracks me up? He’s fascinated with my love life. And John Travolta [Johansson’s costar in last year’s ‘A Love Song for Bobby Long’] is even worse than Woody — he wants to know everything. I guess it’s because they’re both married with kids and want to live vicariously.”  . . . Mentally unstable reporters who are tempted to compulsively make up phony stories now have a place to turn: disgraced former New York Times staffer Jayson Blair has set up a foundation to help people who suffer from bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression. “The key issue in Jayson Blair’s life has been his lifelong battle with mental illness, in the form of manic-depression,” notes The Jayson Blair Foundation’s Web site.  . . . Kelly Clarkson defends her drinking by citing the Bible. Sort of. “Jesus drank,” the “American Idol” star tells the January/February issue of Blender magazine. “It came straight from the Bible that he had a glass of wine. Actually, I don’t know if it says he actually drank it, but whatever.”

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