Rubik's Cube world record! 14-year-old solves puzzle in 4.9 seconds

/ Source: TODAY

Lucas Etter was just one of many competitors gathered at River Hall High School in Clarksville, Maryland, for a big Rubik's Cube event Saturday.

But it didn't take him long to stand out from the crowd — 4.9 seconds to be exact.

The 14-year-old set a world record for solving the puzzle box, but if you want to watch him do it, you better not blink!

Etter's fingers are a blur in the clip as he twists and turns the device and suddenly — "whoa!" as he put — it's over.

He's now listed as the champ on the World Cube Association website, and he follows in some pretty fast footsteps.

Previous world record holder Colin Burns completed the task in 5.25 seconds earlier this year.

So how do these kids solve what for many of us seems unsolvable so fast? In April, Burns visited TODAY and shared the secret to his success.

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