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'Royals' star Elizabeth Hurley is surprised to be turning 'five-zero': 'How did it happen?'

Elizabeth Hurley rules!
/ Source: TODAY

Elizabeth Hurley rules!

Well, at least she will starting next Sunday, by assuming duties as a fictional Queen of England on E!'s new comedy "The Royals." The actress will head up a royal retinue and set of relatives who are very different from the bunch we're used to hearing about at Buckingham Palace, and the results are fit for a king. Or queen.

But as Hurley admitted on TODAY Monday, it was the kind of role she didn't think would ever come her way. For one thing, she's no longer a 20- or even a 30-something. Elizabeth Hurley is about to "turn five-zero" in June, as she put it to TODAY's Matt Lauer.

"What can I say?" she laughed. "It seems incredible. How did it happen?"

That said, she added, "It might sound a bit cheesy, but I do feel very lucky to be here." That's because she took eight years off from showbiz to raise her son Damian, who is now 12.

"I never knew if I'd ever work again," she admitted. "It was a real gamble. But I needed to do it. So when I said to my agents I'd love to work again if there's anything there, I was like, we'll see what happens. So for me, it's a second coming and I'm thrilled."

"The Royals" premieres on E! on March 15 at 10 p.m. ET.

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This article was originally published Mar. 9, 2015 at 9:37 a.m. ET.