'The Royals' Season 2: Get an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes with TODAY

/ Source: TODAY

"Royals" fans, we've got a treat for you!

William Moseley, aka Prince Liam, takes us on a sneak-peek tour behind the scenes of the show's highly anticipated second season in a TODAY.com exclusive clip — and other cast members join in along the way with hints at what's to come.

Jake Maskall vows his character, Cyrus, "is becoming more human." As for Liam, Maskall says he'll be "obsessed about finding his father's killer."

And Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park), well, "She's going off the rails!"

Meanwhile Park promises viewers "more, more, more, more" of what they already love about the show.

Season 2 of "The Royals" premieres on E! in November.

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