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Royal Wedding Mystery: What Did Harry Murmur to William as Kate Walked Down the Aisle?!

The mischievous brother was at it again today. Under the watchful eyes of the queen and the world, Prince Harry still managed to have a little fun.
/ Source: E!online

The mischievous brother was at it again today. Under the watchful eyes of the queen and the world, Prince Harry still managed to have a little fun.

And now he's managed to become the talk of London (coming in just after the dress, of course).

So, in case you missed any minute detail of today's wedding, here's what happened:

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As Kate Middleton took her stroll down the aisle, her soon-to-be brother-in-law Harry (known better 'round these parts as The Spare--to the throne's heir, Prince William) turned around, checked out Kate and said something off-the-cuff to his bro.

Harry, along with everyone watching, got a genuine chuckle out of the moment, because (1) watchers were completely shocked he'd say anything at all, and (2) they're curious to know exactly what he said in that moment.

But unless Harry comes clean or until we track down an expert lip reader, we may never know what was said.

Still, everyone's got a guess...

"He's being naughty, probably trying to lighten the mood for his brother, make the moment a little less pressure-filled," said Maureen Regisford, who viewed the wedding on a monitor near Westminster Abbey. "When it happened, he really got a laugh. William turned his head a bit, you could tell it was just something between them, something funny. It lightened it up."

Sarah Huxley, a native Londonder who watched the ceremony over plates of food with a group of pals near the church said that it was "typical Harry" and that he was probably putting his own twist on how beautiful Middleton looked as she walked towards William.

"'Your bird's fit,' I imagine he said," Huxley told us, which is basically the British slang for "Kate's hot." "It made us all laugh. It was Harry making his brother laugh. Or maybe it was 'Are you sure you want to do this?' "

Some watchers thought Harry might have gotten even more rouguish than normal. This is, after all, the little brother who dressed up like a Nazi at a costume party in 2005 and was accused of cheating on an important exam while a student at Eton. He apologized for the bad fashion choice and denied the cheating allegations.

Another wedding fan, Liz Sheppard-Jones, chortled when she told us that the moment it happened, she imagined that Harry jokingly turned to his brother and told him: "She's got no knickers on."

But her sister, Vicki Sheppard-Jones, said to please, finally, give Harry a chance. "He probably said, 'She looks amazing.' Come on, don't be crude," Vicki said.

But it was back to dirty thoughts when royals lover Anna Kemp told us her take on Harry's rascally moment. "I bet he saw her and said, 'Oh yeah, I would,' " she laughed to us. Male viewers had a few different takes.

Gavin Bannon summed it up nicely, giving Wills' younger brother some credit. "He probably really said, 'She looks beautiful,'" Bannon told us.

But for one post-wedding commentor there's no way Harry was on his best behavior. "He was laughing so you know it was something very Harry, like, 'She's not here, she's gone,' " said Joseph Rice.

Damn, where's that lip reader we ordered. We're dying to know what he really said.

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