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Rosie and Star respond to Barbara’s barbs

O’Donnell defends the reasons she did not promote her memoir, but otherwise seems to take Walters' comments in stride. Jones was not quite so forgiving.
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While Barbara Walters shares the scandalous stories revealed in her new memoir, “Audition,” some of the subjects of those tales would prefer she didn’t. Barbara’s Tuesday chat with Oprah Winfrey inspired responses from two of her former “Viewers.”

After telling the talk-show titan she believed Rosie O’Donnell regretted writing her own tell-all tome, “Celebrity Detox,” Barbara pointed to Rosie’s choice not to promote the book as evidence. Not so, according to Rosie, who shot back (in her usual haiku-like style) on her Web site:

it became very noisyi wanted to book the message of it to b defined by each reader not by sound bitesi think it is a good - honest book

As for Barbara’s claim that Rosie has rage issues, Rosie added:


Ultimately, Rosie admits she still loves Barbara, but fellow former host Star Jones wasn’t as kind when she spoke out about Babs’ blabs. “It is a sad day when an icon like Barbara Walters, in the sunset of her life, is reduced to publicly branding herself as an adulterer, humiliating an innocent family with accounts of her illicit affair and speaking negatively against me all for the sake of selling a book,” Star vented to Us Weekly. “It speaks to her true character.”

Simon regrets a few ‘Idol’ insultsTurns out, “American Idol’s” resident grump, Simon Cowell, has a heart after all. In a recent interview with, the quick-to-jab judge admitted he regrets some of his trademarked cutting comments.

“There are times when you’ve had a long day, you’re bored and somebody comes in and you’re very dismissive,” Simon said. “Then you watch it back six months later and they’re going, ‘My dog died yesterday. I’m singing this in memory of Lassie.’ And then you cut to me and I’m like, ‘Get out, you’re terrible.’ So I might take a few back if I’d paid more attention to the back-story.”

Still, Simon’s happy to back up most of lashings he dishes out. “I certainly learned more when people criticized me than when they lied to me and said what I was doing was right,” Simon told Parade. “You cannot survive in this business unless you know when you’ve made a mistake. So I would feel guilty about giving people fake hope when I genuinely believe they have no chance.”

Dish on the flyWhile Rob Lowe defends himself from the sexual harassment claims of a former nanny, he can rest assured that his friends on the set of “Brothers & Sisters” are in his corner. “We love him to death,” Dave Annable told People magazine. “We support him.” … Denise Richards knew her relationship with Charlie Sheen was over when the “Two and a Half Men” star accused of her poisoning their 4-year-old daughter, Sam, by having the wee one vaccinated. “When he said that I knew the marriage wouldn't work," she revealed to Redbook. …“Sex and the City’s” Mr. Big, Chris Noth, could do without the trend toward overtly sexy lingerie. “I'm not into Victoria's Secret so much,” the actor said in an interview with Female First. “I find it over the top. I like subtlety and I like elegance… If I could make a fashion statement, I think that Victoria's Secret looks to me like somebody who is putting on too much makeup.” Remembering his line of work, he added, “I hope they're not one of our sponsors!”

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