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Rosie O’Donnell takes her seat on ‘The View’

Tom Cruise sent new host huge bunch of flowers
/ Source: Access Hollywood

“After Rosie O’Donnell settled in to enjoy her new “View” on Tuesday, she spoke with Access Hollywood’s Tim Vincent about her first day on the job.

Rosie made her much-anticipated entrance to a whole new “View” vibe – a new set, a new hosting team, a standing ovation and even new hair!

“I had that crazy haircut that scared America to death so it’s going to be long from now on and I’m taking my medicine so everything’s fine,” Rosie joked with the audience.

“Medicine? Have you told your friend Tom Cruise yet?” co-host Joy Behar joked, eluding to Tom’s controversial take on Brooke Shields’ use of medication.

“He knows. He’s aware,” Rosie smiled.

In fact, Rosie’s Tommy also helped the celebration of her first day on the job.

“You had a huge bunch of flowers in front of you,” Access’ Tim Vincent said. “Who were they from?”

“When they first arrived, I said Tom Cruise. My Tommy,” Rosie said.

“Did he ring you up to wish you luck?” Tim asked.

“Yes, we spoke last week before his Brooke Shields apology and he’s doing well,” Rosie explained. “And the baby was cooing in the background, so the baby exists!”

“Of course it exists people,” she added.

But will Tom be doing any couch-jumping when he visits his pal Rosie? Not if she has anything to say about it.

“You’ve said you wouldn’t have let him jump on the sofa,” Tim noted.

“Here’s what I said. I said it was a taped show and if I had been Oprah, I would have said ‘Cut. Tommy, come here. Don’t do that jumping. It looks absolutely ridiculous. Take two everyone. Burn the tape.’ That’s what I would have done,” she said.

Has Rosie found long-term home?So with Tom’s flowers in plain view and with her wife, Kelly, watching from the third row, Rosie debuted her first “View” guest — Jessica Simpson, who later surprised Rosie with a cake and a new cropped hairdo.

And as Joe Simpson looked on, Rosie cut straight to the case, asking Jessica about her reported romance with singer John Mayer.

“Are you dating John Mayer?” Rosie asked.

“I’m actually not dating John Mayer,” Jessica replied.

“You mean People magazine was wrong?!” Rosie joked.

Overall, the show went off without a hitch. Well, except for one small error on Rosie’s part, as she called Jessica’s new album “A Private Affair.”

“Public,” Jessica quickly corrected her.

“I meant public. It’s my first day, go easy,” she laughed.

So how would Rosie rate her debut performance?

“Out of 10, I’d say 6.5,” Rosie told Tim.

But Barbara Walters offered a different assessment.

“12!” Walters exclaimed.

And has Rosie found a new long-term home?

“You’ve said you’ll only sign for a year. When will you decide to stay longer?” Tim asked after the show.

“I’ve just decided. It’s official!” Rosie revealed. “Access Hollywood, you have the scoop. I’m staying!”