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Rosie O’Donnell stands up to hostile biker

Rosie O'Donnell has had heated confrontations with everyone from Donald Trump to Elisabeth Hasselbeck, but it was a biker in Florida who got the former "View" co-host riled up this weekend.In a posting on her official blog on Saturday, O'Donnell described an encounter she had while vacationing with her partner, Kelli Carpenter, in "the very gay" city of South Beach.She and Carpenter were in their car, heading home after dining out, "when along came a bald screaming infuriated man," she wrote, adding, "it’s always a man, i tell ya."In her customary poetic writing style, O'Donnell explains that she had been standing next to the man's "hog" as Kelli backed out of their parking space, so as not to hit it. "i ride," she noted, before continuing with the story:."as i buckled my belt / he ran towards r car / angry / “MY MOTORCYCLE BLAH BLAH !!!”Her response, she wrote, was “chill dude — we didn’t touch it.”

But then things apparently took an ugly turn.

She wrote, "he got madder / pupils big — snorting like a dragon / (expletive) LESBIANS / he screamed," adding, "the trump card / always."

At this, O'Donnell wrote of the expectation that she and Carpenter should "cower," feeling "not good enough" or "unworthy." But she was not about to back down to "mr bald muscle man with a pimped out hog."

Instead, the loud, proud O'Donnell wrote that she stood up in the front seat, put her hands over her head, and yelled with a smile:

"CORRECT SIR — (expletive) LESBIAN!!!"

And the man? According to O'Donnell, he "stormed back to his table right there in the lincoln mall."

Despite the unfortunate incident with the biker, O'Donnell wasn't going to end her vacation on a sour note.

"sun is setting / it is beautiful here in miami / dolphins and dreams," she wrote. "peace out."