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Rose McGowan says she was fired from agency for standing up to sexism

Rose McGowan made comments on Twitter about an Adam Sandler movie casting notice and a week later, her agency dropped her.
/ Source: TODAY

Rose McGowan is not shy when it comes to stirring things up. But she probably didn't anticipate that her comments on Twitter about a casting notice for an Adam Sandler movie would lead to her getting dropped by her agency just a week later.

Let's walk this back a bit. On June 17, McGowan posted a casting note she got about how to audition for what she only thinly disguised as a movie starring Adam Sandler:

And followed that up a few days later with:

McGowan, who recently directed short film "Dawn," wasn't necessarily targeting Sandler; as she told Entertainment Weekly a few days after that, she was trying to highlight the casting process for women in Hollywood.

"I was offended by the fact that went through so many people's hands and nobody red flagged it," she said. "This is normal to so many people."

She added on "Watch What Happens Live" that it was just "institutionalized stupidity" that led to this kind of behavior on the part of casting directors.

It all came to a head on Wednesday, apparently: McGowan tweeted that she'd been fired by her "wussy acting agent because I spoke up about the [expletive] in Hollywood. Hahahaha."

McGowan has since received support on Twitter from fellow actresses:

This comes on the heels of (but is unconnected to) a flap last week over a red carpet photo from Sandler's "Hotel Transylvania 2," in which he and co-star Kevin James appeared in very casual clothing alongside very dolled-up co-star Selena Gomez, a juxtaposition many said underscored the vast differences of expectations for women and men in Hollywood.

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