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Rookies get taken hostage on ‘CSI’

When they get caught in a house with two  suspects, it's up to Ray and Riley to get themselves out of a dicey situation on "CSI."
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Important lesson: In a CSI training session, Ray and Riley both learned that Code 4 meant “situation secure.” They also learned that to alert someone that things were amiss you were to call them by your own name, and they were to respond by calling you by your own name. And, oh yeah, code 482 means “lunch.”

Nice neighborhood: Multiple bodies were found on a quiet suburban street after a shootout. Even the Neighborhood Watch captain had been shot, but not before getting off a shot of his own, and killing gang member Marcus Garfield. It looked as though someone had broken into Priscilla Hatcher’s house. She was in the hospital with a head injury, and her son, Reggie, and nephew, Frankie, were missing.

One more body: Brass thought there might be a connection between Garfield and another gang member named Aaron Sweets, whose abandoned car had a body in it. But the body turned out to be Sweets himself. He was killed with a .22. Checking phone logs, they saw that Sweets had called Reggie. Was this high school valedictorian involved in drugs?

Code 4? Not quite: Ray and Riley found out that Reggie didn't live with his mom, but instead lived just down the street. The police had already checked the house for bodies, and secured it. Ray found it puzzling that there were no phones in the home. When Riley called Reggie’s number, it led them to a closet, which turned out to be a stairway down to the basement — and a PCP lab. Ray spotted a fresh blood trail, and Frankie popped out with a loaded gun. Reggie was hurt — he had a large shard of glass in his neck — and Frankie took Riley and Ray hostage.

Lesson learned: When Greg came to check on them, Riley convinced Frankie to let her try to get rid of him. She called Greg by her own name to alert him, and he responded by using his own name. Frankie and Reggie had a surveillance camera trained on the entrance to the house, so Greg had to play it cool. He quietly called Brass from his car, who in turn called the SWAT team.

What they don’t teach you: Ray convinced Frankie to let him work on Reggie’s wound. Riley went to her kit to get supplies, but Frankie noticed her radio nearby, so he hit her. He told her to turn it off, but instead, she actually opened a channel so the CSIs outside could hear every word. Over the radio, they heard Frankie confess to killing Aaron Sweets with the .22. He did it to protect Reggie from the gangbangers who wanted Reggie to pay protection, and were angry he was making drugs on his own.

Silent signals: Riley convinced Frankie to let her go out to the truck to get her first aid kit. A crouching Nick asked her if she was OK. She silently let him know that there was only one gun in the house, and that she was armed.

Call the doctor: Riley came back with the first aid kit, and Ray put Reggie under with ether. When he went to cut the glass out, he nicked an artery, blood spurted, and Riley went for her gun. Ray told Frankie he needed his hands to stop the bleeding, and Frankie gave up his gun to save his cousin.

Sympathy for the devil: Ray looked after Frankie as the cops put him in the squad car. “He doesn’t have to become a lost cause,” he told Brass. “How did I know you were going to say that?” Brass responded.

One more sweet gesture: Seven-year-old Jason Morley was a victim of one of Garfield’s stray bullets. Greg went back to tell his father about Garfield. “You have to do this often?” Mr. Morley asked. “It’s not part of my job,” Greg said. A grateful Mr. Morley invited Greg in for coffee.

He’d rather be snowboarding: Archie was at a conference and Hodges was hopelessly trying to run the electronic equipment in his absence. Catherine was sure that “conference” was just code for “snowboarding.” “There is more to life than work. That’s a lesson I learned from your predecessor,” Hodges told her.