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Roma Downey believes anyone can be an angel — and it starts with how we begin our day

The actor's new book, “Be An Angel,” comes out Feb. 21.
/ Source: TODAY

Roma Downey has an inspiring message about faith for her fans, and anyone else who wants to make a difference in the world.

During an interview with TODAY special anchor Maria Shriver, the actor, who has a new book titled "Be An Angel" due out Feb. 21, explained why everyone has the potential to be angelic, regardless of their faith.

"You actually believe that all of us can actually be angels. What do you mean by that?" Shriver asked the star.

"It’s one thing to say 'I love you' or 'I believe in God.' And it’s a whole other thing to actually take an action around that. So 'Be An Angel' really is a call to action to be kind," Downey, 62, said in response.

So in a way, the premise of Downey's hit 1990s show, “Touched by An Angel,” isn’t so far-fetched after all.

She believes that we can all set ourselves up for success by paying attention to the way we start our day.

"In the morning, I start my day in gratitude. Whether you believe in God or you don’t, to think about maybe, how could I do something for somebody else today? If people can do that, that maybe they would feel more hopeful, that maybe they would feel more connected," she explained.

"Do you think the idea of telling people they can be an angel will turn people off? That’s a religious thing. And I don’t see myself that way," Shriver asked.

"I think that we’re all a little bit broken, aren’t we? Nobody is perfect. This is not about being perfect. This is really just about being kind," Downey said in response.

The bestselling author's latest release offers readers tips for using their faith to do good in the world. During her interview with Shriver, Downey recalled how her dad taught her the value of kindness when she was a child.

"The minute you see somebody as different than you, I think it’s easier to feel that disconnection. Our dad would encourage us just to find the things that we shared, the similarities in each other," she explained.

"So in a way, you’re doing the same work as your father did," Shriver said.

"I guess so, yeah. I never thought of it," Downey replied.

"Be An Angel" also includes lessons that Downey has learned from her 15-year marriage to producer Mark Burnett, as well as her thoughts on aging.

"I’m quicker to say 'I don’t really want to do that' to things that I don’t really want to do. I realize a lot of my life I was, like, much more of a people pleaser," she said.

"Age has given you the right to say no to things?" Shriver asked.

"Yeah, I think so. I don’t know about you or anybody watching, but I’m a menopausal woman, and sleep and I are not the best of friends anymore. And little worries during the day become these Herculean things to wrestle with in the night," she said.

"Anybody that follows me on social media knows I’m obsessed with the sunrise. It is the great sort of symbolism of a new day and new beginning. And if you messed up yesterday, let’s try and do better today."