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Rolling Stones’ gunfight: Richards vs. Wood

It’s hard to imagine Keith Richards giving anyone flack over drug use, but he gave the “clean coach” treatment to fellow Rolling Stone Ron Wood back in the day. Well, sort of.
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It’s hard to imagine Keith Richards giving anyone flack over drug use, but he gave the “clean coach” treatment to fellow Rolling Stone Ron Wood back in the day. Well, sort of. In his upcoming autobiography, “Ronnie,” Ron describes his inconvenient cocaine addiction and Keith’s very special display of “tough love.”

“Everybody was angry with me around this time, and after a row with Keith one day, he stormed off to get his gun," the 60-year-old guitarist writes in an excerpt published in the . “He returned with his derringer, pointed it at me and yelled ‘You f---ing b-----d!' I calmly pulled out my .44 Magnum. And that was the last time Keith drew his gun on me ... until the next time.”

Gunplay between the glazed guitar gods wasn’t always a factor, but Keith’s violent interventions grew into a fairly common occurance. In another passage, Ron describes a hotel room dragout “(Keith) barged in, broke the glass bowl of pipe, and came straight at my face,” Ron writes. “He smashed a bottle and cut me with it. I stormed out and went to find Mick (Jagger) and Charlie (Watts), who were working on a song in a room along the corridor. While I stood there bleeding all over the carpet, Mick looked up and asked: ‘Have you got any ideas for the middle eight?’”

Upon Ron’s return, Keith “pulled out his huge ratchet knife, put it to my throat and yelled ... ‘I'd f—ing cut your throat, but your girlfriend would never forgive me for all the mess I'd make.’”

Kid Rock gets around, skips ParisA tryst between Pam Anderson’s Hubby No. 2 and the ex-girlfriend of (current) Hubby No. 3 (Rick Salomon), certainly ties things up nicely, but just forget about it. The rumor is false: Kid Rock and Paris Hilton are not an item — at least not yet.

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In an open-ended statement to, Kid Rock wrote, “I regret to inform you on and offline tabloid junkies that I am not dating nor have been intimate with Paris Hilton. However, I would CONSIDER a one-night stand if heavy drinking were involved.”

Still, don’t worry about Kid crying himself to sleep. According to TMZ, he’s hanging out with not one, but two models from his recent Rolling Stone cover shoot — Krista Ayne and Alyssa Lipsky. Krista can’t complain about Kid two-timing as the former girlfriend of Jared Leto has a boyfriend of her own (who isn’t Kid Rock).

As for Alyssa, she caught some major shade when denied access to Kid’s VIP area at his recent New York City concert. But Kid made it up to her later when he allowed the model to ride with his crew in the tour bus all the way to Detroit (lucky her!) then paid for her plane ticket back to NYC.

According to Alyssa, the 11-hour bus trip was totally worth it. quote a recent Steppin Out interview in which Alyssa claims Kid offered her a private hotel room once they hit Motown. “He had such a big heart,” said Alyssa, who bunked with Kid instead — a choice she doesn’t regret. “I'll just say this: Pam Anderson wouldn't have married him if he wasn't as impressive as Tommy Lee.”

Dish on the fly
She’s widely regarded as the hottest woman-of-a-certain-age, but Helen Mirren won’t rule out plastic surgery. According to Zee News, it’s not the telltale signs of aging that bother her. “I have chunky legs. I always worry about them,” she said. Is liposuction the answer to the Dame’s bulky gams? “If I get to the point where it’s depressing me, then I will have it done.” … In other medical news — she’s not a doctor, but it looks like “plays one on TV” went to Katherine Heigl’s head. The “Grey’s Anatomy” actress has her own line of medical scrubs. Quoting from the press release, E! reports that the “Katherine Heigl Collection” by Peaches Uniforms promises “attractive and practical” pieces, “inspired by the everyday needs of medical professionals.” Which she knows all about from her experience, uh, wearing scrubs on the set.

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