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A-Rod pulls prank on woman who thinks he looks like 'the guy J. Lo is dating'

He was a baseball superstar in his day, but Alex Rodriguez is now apparently known best in some quarters as Jennifer Lopez' current beau.
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Sure, a man can retire from pro baseball after 22 seasons with 696 home runs, 14 All-Star and three Most Valuable Player awards, hold the career record for grand slams (25) and go on to be a successful businessman.

But to the shoeless lady holding a yoga mat and her cellphone, Alex Rodriguez just kinda looks like some dude Jennifer Lopez is dating.

A Rod
A-Rod or not A-Rod, that is the question?@AROD/Twitter

In this hilarious video A-Rod posted on Twitter Wednesday, we see him in a puffy jacket sitting outside what appears to be a workout room. We start mid-conversation with a woman across from him who has made her celebrity spot, but isn't totally sure how she knows him. He's "the guy that J. Lo is dating," she says, checking her phone. (Warning: There's a swear word at the end of the clip):

"Who's that?" A-Rod says with a wink to the camera.

She proceeds to show him photos on the internet of Mr. Rodriguez, first in pajamas. He says he would never wear such "goofy" nightwear, and comments, "What a tool."

Of course, it is Rodriguez, 43, in the photo; he and Lopez, 49, have been dating since February 2017.

Nevertheless, yoga mat woman persists by pulling up a red carpet photo from the December premiere of "A Second Act" (we can see her enormous pink dress from here) and he can't resist, "Oh, that guy is handsome."

And that's when he gives up the pretense. "Nice to meet you," he says, standing to shake her hand. She's a little star struck and gives him a high-five.

"I've done pretty well, right?" he asks right at the tail end of the video, and we're positive he's commenting on how he's managed to pair up with someone as amazing as Lopez.

Of course, despite the fact that he can't resist a prank, we think he's pretty amazing, too!