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The Rock will star in 'Fall Guy' movie

Eric Charbonneau / Today
Dwayne Johnson will star in "The Fall Guy."

Remember "The Fall Guy," the 1980s action drama with Lee "Six Million Dollar Man" Majors as a Hollywood stuntman turned bounty hunter?

The show is coming to the big screen -- which we've known since 2010 -- but now Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has confirmed that he'll be starring in Majors' role.

"The unknown stuntman who moonlights as a bounty hunter," Johnson tweeted on Thursday. "Fired up to play the role. Cool, bad ass & fun."

Wrote Empire Online: "Johnson seems like a good call here: he’s got the physicality (and then some) and can also bring effortless charm to most roles. And you know the filmmakers will be happy with his one-man Twitter/Instagram PR machine."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, McG is expected to direct "The Fall Guy." He's had experience with Generation X-beloved TV shows turned movies, since he directed the big-screen version of "Charlie's Angels" back in 2000.

No release date has yet been announced, but we're hoping they keep at least a version of the show's irresistible theme song.