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Work it! 'The Rock' and Jimmy Fallon show off their retro exercise videos

Ever wonder how former pro wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson built up that buff bod of his? Turns out the secret just might be retro workout videos from the Fungo Brothers.

In a "Tonight Show" skit on Tuesday, the ripped actor and host Jimmy Fallon played exercising pair Jack and Tad Fungo, complete with scrunchy socks, '80s-era floppy 'dos and Thigh Crunchers. (Sorry, Suzanne Somers. The pair's contraption predates your 1990s Thighmaster!)

But it turns out the Fungo Brothers' exercise tapes go back even farther than the colorful '80s. Fallon dug out a black-and-white clip from the '50s, featuring the pair dancing "away those pounds" to some cool tunes. Then there was another clip of the duo demonstrating how to use the predecessor to the Shake Weight, the Jack Weight. (Like "South Park's" spoof on the exercise gadget, Fallon and The Rock's take on it isn't exactly kid friendly.)

The lesson, according to the Fungo Brothers? "You gotta hustle to get the muscle!"

And that's exactly what The Rock did to add even more muscle to his already strapping frame for the title role in his new movie, "Hercules." As he told TODAY on Tuesday, he'd work out twice a day — starting at 3:30 a.m. — and eat seven to eight meals daily to pump up. 

Still don't believe how hard he's worked? Just check out the amazing photos he's been sharing on Instagram.

"The Tonight Show" airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. on NBC. "Hercules" opens on Friday.

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