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Is Rocco DiSpirito's New Bravo Show Just a Top Chef Ripoff?

Hooray! According to the Hollywood Reporter, Bravo just gave Top Chef a series order!
/ Source: E!online

Hooray! According to the Hollywood Reporter, Bravo just gave Top Chef a series order!

Er...wait. Scratch that, 'cause apparently it's Rocco DiSpirito's new reality show, Rocco's Dinner Party, which, whaddya know, just so happens to be a cooking competition with a professional chef as head judge. Sound familiar?

So is Party really just Top Chef's evil twin? Here's what Rocco tells us:

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Rocco's Dinner Party is more like Chef's supersweet stepcousin twice removed.

"I'm throwing a real dinner party with my friends in my New York City apartment, and it's gonna be really fun," Rocco tells us excitedly. "It's a real dinner party with real people and there's a lot at stake. Plus, a special guest of each show will be the kind of guest that will really scare the crap out of the chefs. Meaning guys who scared the crap out of me when I was cooking." Translation: Bigwigs are heading to Rocco's Dinner Party.

"It is going to be very different than Top Chef because it's a close-ended show," Rocco stresses. "At the end of every episode, we find a winner...there's no show like that on Bravo."

Another thing that sets this Party apart: "We also have a really cool design element. The chefs are going to be called upon not only to create a menu that will be appropriate for my guests and all their needs, but to create an atmosphere that will be visually stunning [and] materially add to the enjoyment of our guests. So you're going to get to watch my apartment transform from one thing to another."

Keep your eyes peeled for Rocco's Dinner Party to make its debut on Bravo next year, and in the meantime tell us what you think about the concept. Too close to Top Chef...or a great new show?

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