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Robin Williams leaves touching look at life, legacy on Instagram

Robin Williams shared this photo on Instagram.
Robin Williams/Instagram

Robin Williams left behind a memorable film and television archive when he passed away on Monday at age 63. And for grieving fans reaching for more, the beloved actor, comedian and father left an endearing peek at his life and legacy through a touching trail of photos on Instagram.

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Williams' most recent photo, posted two weeks ago, was a throwback shot of himself with his daughter Zelda Rae Williams, posted for her birthday. "Quarter of a century old today but always my baby girl," he wrote.

The actor also recently celebrated his own birthday. On July 21 he posted a shot of himself with a monkey to mark the occasion, writing: "Happy Birthday to me! A visit from one of my favorite leading ladies, Crystal."

Always a fan of a good costume, Williams showed his support for Team USA over the summer with this splitscreen shot of himself (from his role in the "Night at the Museum" movies) alongside soccer mascot "Teddy Goalsevelt."

From his Instagram feed, Williams seemed to be a big fan of the #tbt. While promoting his latest TV show "The Crazy Ones," he also recently shared an image of himself with former "Mork and Mindy" co-star Pam Dawber, who was making a guest appearance. "What else do you need?" he asked.

The comedian, remembered fittingly by fans like Jimmy Kimmel for being "as sweet a man as he was funny," wasn't afraid to show off his softer side. One recurring Instagram subject was his dog, who made an early appearance on the account. "My dinner with Leonard," Williams wrote with this pic. "Miss him when I'm on location."

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He also shared behind-the-scenes pictures and peeks at his current (and past) projects. Of this photo with Jay Leno last year, he revealed: "Jay got me my first paying stand-up job."

Williams, who is survived by his wife and three children, also often shared shots of his family. "Off to the Emmys with my beautiful wife, Susan," he wrote with this picture, in September 2013:

"You're a grown man now and I'm so proud of you," he wrote to his son for his birthday. "A little bit of you will always be my 'Mr Pym.' Happy Birthday."

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