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Robin Thicke delivers with 'Love After War'

Robin Thicke, "Love After War" (Star Trak)
/ Source: The Associated Press

Robin Thicke, "Love After War" (Star Trak)

Much of the subject matter for "Love After War," the fifth record from Robin Thicke, is based on Thicke's relationship with wife and Hollywood starlet Paula Patton. While there are some stormy moments, judging from the disc as a whole, Patton is a lucky girl.

Thicke wrote and produced the album with Pro Jay, and delivers a great mix of seductive songs that are bound to get temperatures rising.

From the top, Thicke's sultry voice sets the scene with the slow jam "All Tied Up." But before you can get too comfortable in a dreamy state, he swiftly takes you back to the 1960s with the Motown-sounding "An Angel On Each Arm" — a track Stevie Wonder would be proud of.

The album's only collaboration features old friend Lil Wayne. "Pretty Lil' Heart" is their third song together, but this time Thicke's voice is the main focus. Wayne starts the track off with a syrupy flow over the piano and drums before Thicke takes full control. The rhythmic verses are smooth and his voice is strongest when he sings the chorus: "Baby, you got me, don't worry your pretty little heart." This one is definitely classic old school R&B.

At 20 tracks on the deluxe edition, there are some minor exhausting moments, and there's not a song that touches Thicke's classic "Lost Without You."

But overall, "Love After War" is still a must buy. And with Christmas just around the corner, it's safe to say that just like Santa, Thicke always delivers.

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