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Robert Pattinson Still "Interested" in Jeff Buckley Biopic--Penn Badgley or Not!

OK, let's clear this up: Despite some confusion yesterday, there are definitely two Jeff Buckley flicks in the works. Hoo-ray!
/ Source: E!online

OK, let's clear this up: Despite some confusion yesterday, there are definitely two Jeff Buckley flicks in the works. Hoo-ray!

He was such a cool musician. First, there's the Penn Badgley version called Greetings From Tim Buckley that we told you about yesterday. Then there's the official, Buckley-family sanctioned, Untitled Jeff Buckley Film.

We spoke to the grade-A, official project's producers, Michelle Sy and Orian Williams, and the two told us exclusively that they are still "in the midst of casting" their Jeff Buckley, but that "every young actor in Hollywood" wants the part.

So turns out Robert Pattinson is still in the running for the ripe role. But what did the Twi-guy tell the flick's producers?

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"Rob has expressed interest in the project and we did meet with him," Sy and Williams tell us. "There are some actors who make sense, but it's easier to believe when it's more of an unknown. We're exploring all options, everyone from big name actors to newcomers to musicians."

Well R.Pattz fits two of those three, that's a start! But is Rob ready to try his pale hand at comedy?

"In real life Jeff was a goofball, his friends told us to look for a young Jim Carey," the producers revealed of the singer known for his melancholy and heart-wrenching tunes. "But we just want to find the right person with the right soul."

And once one lucky actor gets the gig, the producers, along with casting director Billy Hopkins, will search for Jeff's on-screen girlfriend to bring the characters from Ryan Jaffe's script to life.

"There will be a love interest, but we won't cast her until after we have figured out who will be playing Jeff," the producers explain. "It will depend on how old the actor is who is cast and who would be an appropriate choice to play opposite him."

Hmmm, considering the flick's director is Jake Scott, who worked with Kristen Stewart on Welcome to the Rileys, could the Untitled Jeff Buckley Film be the project that reunites Rob and Kristen on-screen?

Sounds like we will be finding out very soon!

"We hope to have the cast announced soon, prep for the film in September and shoot before the end of the year," the producers reveal of the project's timeline. "We only have one chance to do this and we want to do it right. We're not casting to justify financing, we're casting to justify a life."

And what a life Buckley lived.

"The film will cover Jeff's life from his 20s to his death at age 30. It is the story of his youth, living in New York City and his last days in Memphis. It's about a young man who had a dream," explain the producers, who have been granted access to Jeff's estate through his mother.

According to a press release from April, "Buckley's mother Mary Guibert, is the executive producer on the film and has given Scott her blessing on the project."

And it is through Mary that Sy and Williams have been able to access Jeff's personal journals, photos and recordings that will serve as the blueprint for the film.

"No one has had the access that we have," Sy tells us. "We have the blessing of the people who were closest to Jeff: his family, friends, tour managers and even girlfriends!"

As for that other unsanctioned Jeff Buckley project starring a certain Gossip guy, the official film's producers say, "We wish them good luck, we are focused on our own film."

Sounds like they may need it!

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