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Robert Downey, Jr. gets ready for a baby boy

NBC / Today
Actor Robert Downey, Jr. tried on a gift from Jay Leno on Monday night's "Tonight Show."

On Monday night’s “Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” dad-to-be Robert Downey, Jr. revealed he’ll soon have a son.

“I am not permitted to discuss it,” the “Iron Man” star said in mock protest when first asked about the sex of the baby. “I keep dropping the ball everywhere. (Susan) will say, ‘Don’t tell your cousins until ...’ and then I tell them. ... I can’t say a word ...”

Then he suddenly added, “We’re having a boy! (Bleep) I did it!”

Leno celebrated the news by giving Downey a gift that would help him get ready for his son, who’s due to arrive in late February.

“This will help you nurse and feed the child,” the host said as he handed over a double-cupped device.

Ever the good sport, the actor put it on and invited the crowd to have a sip.

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