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Robert Blake: Jurors have an ‘85 I.Q.’

Wanted "Love Boat" captain for image campaign
/ Source: The Associated Press

Jailhouse transcripts show Robert Blake didn’t think much of jurors -- even though a jury would eventually find him innocent in the death of his wife.

While he was behind bars, he told one visitor the people who end up on juries “are usually about 85 IQ.”

Blake was heard pointing to the success of Johnnie Cochran’s famous “if it doesn’t fit” line about the glove in the O.J. Simpson case. Blake said “the jury digs that because they’re the people that go bowling.”

Blake also envisioned a public relations strategy calling on faces from TV’s past. Transcripts obtained by the Los Angeles Times show Blake wanted his publicist to get help from Gavin McLeod, who played the captain of “The Love Boat.”

Blake was acquitted in March of killing his wife Bonny Lee Bakley in 2001. Her children are suing him.

Blake’s comments were recorded during the eleven months he spent in a downtown Los Angeles jail.