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Rob Lowe is Kentucky Fried Chicken's newest Colonel Sanders

Rob Lowe has become the latest incarnation of Kentucky Fried Chicken's Colonel Sanders, with an out-of-this-world twist.
/ Source: TODAY

Rob Lowe's newest role is finger lickin' good.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has unveiled Lowe as the latest incarnation of Colonel Sanders to promote its new Zinger sandwich.

The "West Wing" and "Parks and Recreation" star joins Norm Macdonald, Rob Riggle, George Hamilton, Jim Gaffigan, Billy Zane and Darrell Hammond as those who have portrayed the KFC icon, who died at 90 years old in 1980.

Lowe's twist is dressing as an astronaut Colonel Sanders to announce a mission to launch a Zinger sandwich into space.

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His goofy turn follows his memorable stint as a pitchman for DirecTV.

You definitely didn't want to be like Crazy Hair Rob Lowe, Super Creepy Rob Lowe, Total Deadbeat Rob Lowe and the other hilarious characters who have cable instead of DirecTV.

Lowe clearly has a sense of humor about himself, whether it's being roasted on Comedy Central or listening to his sons bust his chops on "Ellen."

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