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'Rings' girl gotcha! Watch the prank that had TODAY anchors screaming

by Ree Hines / / Source: TODAY

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It was supposed to be a segment about the outrageous things travelers try to sneak past the TSA — or so some of our unsuspecting anchors thought!

But as it turned out, one suitcase in Studio 1A wasn't filled with contraband. It was packed with a prank.

The setup was simple: One at a time, each anchor would open a case and unveil an example of wild items confiscated at airports across the country.

Matt Lauer unzipped his suitcase and discovered a pile of rubber snakes — representing actual snakes on a plane. But when Natalie Morales opened hers, well ...

This happened:

"The Ring" girl leaves anchors screaming.

Sure, stowing the ghostly girl from the horror flick "The Ring" series probably violates a dozen TSA rules, but that's not the point. All Natalie — and Hoda Kotb — cared about was getting away from her!

At least at first.

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After the initial shock wore off, the laughs started. (Credit where it's due: Al Roker was laughing all along.)

The scare came courtesy of contortionist-actress Natasha King, about whom Natalie eventually said, "I'm sure you’re a lovely person."

A frightening and lovely person.

Natalie Morales meets "The Ring" girl.
Nathan Congleton

If all of that wasn't scary enough, "Rings," the third installment of the film franchise, hits theaters Feb. 3.

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