'Rings' girl gotcha! Watch the prank that had TODAY anchors screaming

/ Source: TODAY

It was supposed to be a segment about the outrageous things travelers try to sneak past the TSA — or so some of our unsuspecting anchors thought!

But as it turned out, one suitcase in Studio 1A wasn't filled with contraband. It was packed with a prank.

The setup was simple: One at a time, each anchor would open a case and unveil an example of wild items confiscated at airports across the country.

Matt Lauer unzipped his suitcase and discovered a pile of rubber snakes — representing actual snakes on a plane. But when Natalie Morales opened hers, well ...

This happened:


Sure, stowing the ghostly girl from the horror flick "The Ring" series probably violates a dozen TSA rules, but that's not the point. All Natalie — and Hoda Kotb — cared about was getting away from her!

At least at first.

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After the initial shock wore off, the laughs started. (Credit where it's due: Al Roker was laughing all along.)

The scare came courtesy of contortionist-actress Natasha King, about whom Natalie eventually said, "I'm sure you’re a lovely person."

A frightening and lovely person.

Nathan Congleton

If all of that wasn't scary enough, "Rings," the third installment of the film franchise, hits theaters Feb. 3.

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