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Rihanna reveals we've all been saying her name wrong for years

Think you know how to say her name? Think again!

She’s a huge star, but it turns out we don’t know the first thing about Rihanna.

The “Umbrella” singer, 31, recently appeared in a video for British Vogue where she introduced herself as “Ree-anna” and not “Ree-ah-na.”

The pronunciation bombshell stunned some fans, who tried to wrap their heads around her revelation on Twitter.

“I knew how to pronounce her name, but my brain doesn’t want to do it that way,” one person wrote.

“how is rihanna your fave and you don’t know how to pronounce her name,” someone else wondered.

“My brain can’t work out how else you can pronounce Rihanna and it’s been bothering me for hours,” another person wrote.

One person even went so far as to suggest no one on the other side of the pond has a problem getting her name correct.

“see this is why she moved to the UK we’re the only ones that have been saying her name right,” the person wrote.

This is not new territory for the singer. Back in 2012, she set the record straight about how to pronounce her name in an interview with entertainment reporter A.J. Hammer.

In 2015, she was at it again in a video that surfaced on Instagram.

So, while we may all listen to her music, maybe we should, you know, listen to her.