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Is that Rihanna, nude? Brown denies photo link

Chris Brown’s reps are disputing online accusations linking their client to provocative photos which hit the Internet last week of a woman that some sites have suggested is his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna.

“Perez Hilton is reporting that images circulating on the web which purport to be provocative photos of Rihanna were ‘leaked’ by Chris Brown,” his reps at Sitrick wrote in a statement sent to Access Hollywood.

“This is both a false and defamatory statement. Chris has not released or “leaked” any photos of Rihanna.”

There is significant doubt as to whether the photos in questions are even actually of Rihanna. The more racy shots do not show the woman’s face. Just one of the photos that hit the net features the woman’s head and body in the same frame. That photo, however, appears to have been taken by a Blackberry aimed at a bathroom mirror, making the quality fuzzy. The content is not lewd.

Among the sites that posted the photos last Friday were ImageHaven.net and iHipHop.com.

Lawyers at Rihanna’s record label reportedly sent at least one letter to at least one Web site, which had posted the photos.

According to TMZ, lawyers at Island Def Jam Music Group sent a letter which references “unauthorized photos purported to be ... Rihanna.”

The letter reportedly demands the removal of the pictures and claims they are in violation of “the Artist’s rights,” The Huffington Post also reported.