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Ricki Lake shares emotional post detailing 30-year struggle with hair loss

“My hope is that I am able to help others struggling, as I did for far too long,” she wrote.
/ Source: TODAY

Ricki Lake is speaking out about her struggles with hair loss.

The former talk show host, who revealed in an Instagram post last year that she’s been dealing with hair loss since 1988 when she shot “Hairspray,” says it was a hard decision to go public.

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"I went back and forth about coming forward last year," she told People. "It's such a shameful thing."

"I was afraid of coming out," Lake added about dealing with hair loss by shaving her head and being so honest about her hair. "Because no woman as far as I knew had ever gone public about female baldness."

Lake says posting that photo of her shaved head helped set her on a path toward healing.

"It wasn't a calculated move," she said. "I just needed to be set free from this silent suffering."

She also stressed the importance of being comfortable in her own skin.

"It's about inner beauty, self-confidence and self-love," she said. "I truly appreciate what I see in the mirror now."

Lake does indeed like what she sees in the mirror.

On Wednesday, she shared a new photo of herself with salt and pepper hair on Instagram, along with another shot of her shaved head.

“Hi friends! So, it’s been just over a year since I decided to take matters into my own hands and shave my head after struggling silently with hair loss for almost 30 years,” she wrote, alluding to the Instagram post from last year.

Lake said she managed to get a new head of hair, thanks to Danish hair care company Harklinikken.

“I had to be set free of the debilitating pain and shame. Well, 12 months later I am thrilled to share with the world what I used to get my hair back to its healthiest ever,” she wrote.

“My hope is that I am able to help others struggling, as I did for far too long,” she continued. “This journey has been such a gift for me, I finally truly love my hair, and more importantly love myself unconditionally from the inside out.”