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Richie Sambora’s DUI troubles might get worse

Close friends of Richie Sambora’s are distraught over the idea that the Bon Jovi guitarist might be facing a child endangerment charge in addition to a DUI charge.

Close friends of Richie Sambora’s are distraught over the idea that the Bon Jovi guitarist might be facing a child endangerment charge in addition to a DUI charge stemming from his March 25 arrest.

People magazine reported that according to a source close to the case, police have indeed recommended both charges to prosecutors. While the district attorney’s office cannot comment on the case for now, one Sambora pal is worried about how the rocker will feel if the charges come through. (An arraignment is set for May 7.)

“Ava means the world to him. Richie has such a good heart, he really does. He might appear like the most easy-going guy, but there’s a lot he’s struggling with right now. We’re worried about him.”

Sambora was arrested in Laguna Beach last month after police spotted him driving erratically. Sambora’s 10-year-old daughter, Ava, was in the car, as was a teenage cousin of hers.

Simpson parents react to Ashlee’s news
Joe Simpson isn’t exactly known for his laissez-faire parenting style, so it stands to reason people are curious as to how Simpson and his wife, Tina, handled the news that their youngest daughter, Ashlee, was pregnant.

“Tina is super, super happy,” a friend told OK! magazine. Joe Simpson was “practical,” in the words of one source. “His first reaction was to worry how they were going to ‘deal’ with it, meaning all the real-life decisions that had to be made. But he couldn’t help but be won over because Ashlee, Pete and Tina were all so happy.”

Ashton Kutcher talks sex, drugs with his stepdaughters
Plenty of press is coming Ashton Kutcher’s way these days. The latest magazine to sit down the the star is Elle, which got Kutcher to open up about life with his stepdaughters.

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Asked about what he’s learned from Rumor, Scout and Tallulah, Ashton told the mag, “I’ve learned how to talk to a kid about sex and drugs — pot in particular. … You can’t try to conceal any of your own history. Because when they find out about you, you become a liar. … ‘You’re not going to die,’ but I also told them that I have a lot of friends who I used to smoke pot with, and a lot of them are still just hanging out smoking pot.”

Kutcher isn’t afraid to have the birds and bees discussion either, at least with the older kids. “I knew that one of the girls had had sex and hadn’t really talked to us about it, so I wanted to create an open forum for her. So over Christmas last year, we had a conversation about sex — all of us except Tallulah, the youngest … and one boyfriend was there.”

We hear …
Scoop's good friend at Glamour magazine, Suze Yalof Schwartz, has done a roundup of celebrity tatoos. Love them or hate them? You get to vote here.

That Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. are opening a restaurant, Quattro Gastronomia Italiana, which is slated to open its doors at Trump Soho when the condos open in Spring 2009. Chances are good that the restaurant will attract an A-list crowd. Matt Damon, Beyonce, Gisele and Robert Downey Jr. are fans of the restaurant’s current South Beach location.

There’s something that adult-film star Ron Jeremy won’t do. In an interview with PETA, Jeremy says he’s boycotting KFC. “I'm not gonna go have their coleslaw until they fix their policies on how they treat their chickens,” Jeremy said.

The James Beard Foundation will be hosting Chefs & Champagne LA on May 4. The event has previously been held in the Hamptons. “Top Chef” host Tom Colicchio, who is also owner of Craft Restaurants, will be honored.