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The reviews for this Costco sweatshirt are everything

"You know you need this. Don't even act like you don't."
Is Kirkland Signature the new Supreme?
Is Kirkland Signature the new Supreme?TODAY Illustration / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

I had no idea Costco's Kirkland Signature Unisex Logo Sweatshirt was the must-have item missing from my closet, but judging by the reviews, it deserves a spot front and center.

The item, which is available for $19.99 and has a 4.8 rating on the site, also has accumulated 921 (and counting) five-star ratings that deserve high praise of their own.

Buckle up for these gems:

  • "This thing drips street cred," writes user Travesto from San Antonio, Texas. "Why pay hundreds of dollars for streetwear from supreme or others when you could rock this sick Kirkland Signature logo sweatshirt for only $19?"
  • "This item is so legit momcore I looked outside as soon as I put it on to see if my Civic Cinderella'd into a minivan," added user KayEazy from Cincinnati, Ohio. "You know you need this. Don't even act like you don't."
  • "Excuse me, embroidery?? In this economy??? That's a King move. Checkmate," writes Laundray from Cincinnati. "This is Big Savings Energy, and nothing says 'I have money" like 'I saved money.' This screams, 'I know what economies of scale are' as loudly as a Yale sweatshirt, but without all that toxic silver spoon energy."
  • "This sweatshirt is hot fire. I get more nods and compliments from random people wearing this thing than anything else I own," Stuart from Seattle contributed. "What else can Costco make like this? KSig all the things." (That's KSig as in Kirkland Signature.)

How did I discover this product's stellar reviews? It's a blur of taps on social media that led me to a friend's post about the stretch cotton fleece product's reviews. And it was the best discovery I made all week — not only for the reviews but also to finish holiday shopping for my family with a single click. And lucky them, because as Texas user theTVsaidso said, "With this fleek top, you ARE the alpha; you ARE the trailblazer."

We reached out to Costco for the company's reaction to the product's stellar reviews, but have not yet received a response.