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Revealed: How KLG and Hoda match outfits every morning

Usually, the system is flawless but Kathie Lee and Hoda had a wardrobe malfunction Tuesday when they wore slightly clashing outfits — and it wasn't because it was Booze Day.

“Do we match — or not so much?” Hoda asked, glancing at their sheath dresses, both a shade of green — just not quite the right ones.


“No, I was told you were wearing a geometric print, with a nice color green. Nobody said it was puke green, so it was kind of hard to match it,” Kathie Lee said. “I apologize. Sorry!”

Hoda’s dress was chartreuse, which some may refer to as yellow green, while KLG wore a bluish shade.

Ever wonder how the ladies usually wind up matching so well? 


It's because of the Hoda Report.

After Hoda picks her morning dress, a description or picture of it gets sent to KLG’s team, said Joe Tassone, who works in TODAY’s wardrobe department.

The ladies confirmed the process.

“I go to my closet and pick whatever I want among my six dresses and that’s what I wear,” said Hoda, who likes to joke that she picks first because KLG has more money to buy outfits. “And I know I wear the same ones over and over because that’s what I do. And then the rest is up to Kathie Lee.”

Hoda: People are sick of my clothes!

KLG said she does her best to match whatever Hoda is wearing.


“I have to. Somebody’s got to,” she said exasperatedly. “Somebody’s got to put some thought into this process.”

But occasionally, mistakes happen, like when one or both ladies show up wearing what Hoda referred to as the “we vomited color.”

“That hasn’t happened, has it?” Kathie Lee wondered.

“Not in a while but it did a couple of times," said Hoda, who remembered those occasions "because it was distracting."