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Results of poll on downloading music

AP, Rolling Stone conducted telephone survey 1,000 adult listeners
/ Source: The Associated Press

The Associated Press-Rolling Stone poll on public attitudes about downloading music was conducted Jan. 23-25. It was conducted by Ipsos based on telephone interviews with 1,000 adults, including 963 music listeners, from all states except Alaska and Hawaii.

Results were weighted to represent the population by demographic factors such as age, sex, region, race and income.

No more than one time in 20 should chance variations in the sample cause the results to vary by more than plus or minus 3 percentage points from the answers that would be obtained if all Americans were polled. The margin of error for music listeners is also plus or minus 3 percentage points.

There are other sources of potential error in polls, including the wording and order of questions. Results may not total 100 percent because of rounding.

1. What is your favorite type of music to listen to? Would you say ...

  • Rock and roll, 26 percent.
  • Country/Western, 22 percent.
  • Classical, 10 percent.
  • Jazz, 7 percent.
  • Hip-hop or rap, 7 percent.
  • Pop, 6 percent.
  • Rhythm and blues, 4 percent.
  • Blues, 2 percent.
  • Folk, 1 percent.
  • Other, 10 percent.
  • Don’t listen to music, 4 percent.
  • Not sure, 1 percent.

(Question 2 asked only of those who said in Question 1 they listen to music.)

2. For each of the following, please tell me whether this is something you do often, sometimes, seldom, or never.

Buy music from stores that specialize in records or CDs:

  • Often, 14 percent.
  • Sometimes, 32 percent.
  • Seldom, 27 percent.
  • Never, 27 percent.

Buy music from large retailers like Best Buy or Wal-Mart:

  • Often, 14 percent.
  • Sometimes, 34 percent.
  • Seldom, 24 percent.
  • Never, 28 percent.

Buy music from internet sites like iTunes that charge a fee for downloading:

  • Often, 6 percent.
  • Sometimes, 4 percent.
  • Seldom, 5 percent.
  • Never, 85 percent.

Download music for free from Web sites where the copyright holder authorizes the downloads:

  • Often, 2 percent.
  • Sometimes, 6 percent.
  • Seldom, 7 percent.
  • Never, 85 percent.

Download music for free from peer-to-peer networks or other places where the downloads may not be authorized by the copyright holder:

  • Often, 1 percent.
  • Sometimes, 3 percent.
  • Seldom, 4 percent.
  • Never, 92 percent.

(Question 2A was asked only of those who say they often, sometimes or seldom download music from authorized copyright holders or unauthorized networks.

2a. Do you care whether or not the music you download onto your computer is copyrighted, or is that something you do not care much about?

  • Yes, care, 38 percent.
  • No, do not care much about, 61 percent.
  • Not sure, 1 percent.

(Remaining questions asked of all except those who said in Question 1 they don’t listen to music.)

3. If someone downloads music for free when the copyright holder has not authorized the download, would you consider that stealing, or not?

  • Yes, 80 percent.
  • No, 16 percent.
  • Not sure, 4 percent.

4. What’s the main way you find out about new music these days. Is it from:

  • FM radio, 55 percent.
  • Music channels on television, like MTV or VH1, 10 percent.
  • Shows on network television, like ABC, CBS, Fox or NBC, 9 percent.
  • Friends, 9 percent.
  • Internet, 4 percent.
  • Satellite radio, 4 percent.
  • Magazines or other print publications, 4 percent.
  • Other (Volunteered), 3 percent.
  • None (Volunteered), 1 percent.
  • Not sure, 1 percent.

5. Do you think music, in general, is:

  • Getting better, 24 percent.
  • Getting worse, 58 percent.
  • The same, 15 percent.
  • Not sure, 3 percent.

6. Do you think music CDs these days are:

  • Very expensive, 23 percent.
  • Somewhat expensive, 51 percent.
  • Not too expensive, 17 percent.
  • Not at all expensive, 4 percent.
  • Not sure, 5 percent.
  • Total Expensive — 74 percent
  • Total Not Expensive — 21 percent

7. As you may know, music sales have been declining in the past five years. Which of the following four statements comes closest to your view?

  • Music sales have been declining mostly because people make illegal copies of music, 33 percent.
  • Music sales have been declining mostly because of competition from other forms of entertainment, like video games, movies, TV and the Internet, 29 percent.
  • Music sales have been declining mostly because the quality of new music is getting worse, 21 percent.
  • Music sales have been declining mostly because music CDs are too expensive, 13 percent.
  • Not sure, 4 percent.

8. Do you think a 99-cent price for the digital download of a song is:

  • Too expensive, 19 percent.
  • A fair price, 52 percent.
  • A bargain, 19 percent.
  • Not sure, 10 percent.