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Reporter accidentally dunks $2,000 microphone in water

In her quest to test the durability of a waterproof iPhone case, “Good Day Sacramento” reporter Melissa Cabral forgot that her microphone was not similarly equipped for the challenge.

Filming a live segment for the program’s Thursday morning broadcast, Cabral found herself perched above a dunk tank. In her hand was an iPhone cased in a water-resistant shell. The case, she noted, cost “less than $80,” and was supposed to be impermeable for “up to six feet” of water. According to the reporter, the tank she was about to go into was four feet deep.

After teasing the phone’s owner, a man named Kenny, Cabral initially set aside her microphone and prompted him to take a shot at her in the hot seat. One pitch and Cabral took the plunge, resurfacing from the water with his phone. She then tweeted to her fellow news anchors to prove the phone, after getting submerged, still functioned.

“It still works!” she exclaimed. Cabral then grabbed her microphone again so she could explain the results to the audience. “I did the tweet on here, then I sent it ... and it worked!”

Her excitement proved distracting, nevertheless, as she accidentally dropped the phone into the water. But this time, forgetting she was holding her $2,000 microphone, she took the sound equipment down with her under water to fetch the mobile device.

Almost immediately, Cabral realized her expensive gaffe, as did her fellow news team.

“The microphone will not work if it goes underwater,” they laughed as Cabral shook her head despondently in agreement. “Hopefully she won’t be punished publicly for that.”

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