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Report: 'Teen Mom' Amber loses custody

MTV / Today
Amber Portwood with daughter Leah on MTV's "Teen Mom."

"Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood had another tough day today.

According to TMZ.com, a judge in Indiana has ruled that her ex, Gary Shirley, is the more suitable parent for their toddler, Leah, and awarded him primary custody. Though Child Protective Services has been on the case, Shirley received custody not because Portwood is an unfit mother, TMZ reports.

According to court testimony, the agency made the recommendation that Shirley take over raising the child because Portwood's home and car were recently vandalized. TMZ also reports that CPS was worried about Portwood's living conditions, and the young mom agreed Leah would be better off with Shirley for the time being. Portwood will reportedly have visiting rights.

Portwood is no stranger to the courts. On May 5, she was ordered to stand trial for allegedly beating Shirley. MTV caught the incident on tape and aired it on a season two episode of "Teen Mom," which led to an investigation. The footage showed the young mother repeatedly punching her then-boyfriend.

Portwood faces two counts of felony domestic battery, one felony count of neglect of a dependent and one misdemeanor charge of domestic battery. If convicted, Portwood faces three years in jail and a $10,000 fine. Radar Online reports that she was in court May 7 for the case, and rejected a plea deal that could have kept her out of jail.

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