Report: 'Teen Mom' Amber back in jail

Amber Portwood pled guilty to felony domestic violence charges in June.
Amber Portwood pled guilty to felony domestic violence charges in June.Today

Updated at 2:43 p.m. PT

Seems like there will be very little holiday cheer for "Teen Mom" Amber Portwood this year.

TMZ reports that the troubled reality personality was booked at Madison County Jail in Indiana today because a judge issued a warrant for her arrest. According to The Herald Bulletin, she was taken into custody for allegedly violating the terms of her probation.

Last week, her probation officer filed a report claiming that Amber had violated the terms of her probation in her domestic violence case. She had pleaded guilty to two counts of felony domestic violence in June after MTV aired scenes of her punching and slapping ex-fiance and baby daddy Gary Shirley during season two of the popular docuseries. The judge in her case, David Happe, suspended her two-year sentence and put her on two years of probation.

The sheriff's department also confirmed to our pals at E! News that the 21-year-old mother of Leah is in jail for a probation violation, and that the length of her stay will be "up to the courts."

So what exactly did she do -- or not do? The probation violation report notes that Amber "took substantial steps to commission the criminal offense(s) of Battery and Public Intoxication." According to numerous reports, the reality TV  personality had too much to drink and hit someone at a restaurant last month, and the incident was caught on tape. She has also reportedly failed to obtain her GED, pay probation fees and set up a college fund for her daughter, all of which are reported to be terms of her probation.

Happe told The Herald Bulletin that Amber was arrested at a meeting with probation officers.

Amber's due back in court on Jan. 13, and may face two years in jail for the alleged violations. According to TMZ, she's expected to spend the holidays behind bars.

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