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Report: 'Teen Mom' Amber accused of harassing ex's girlfriend

Somebody get this girl some anger management classes ASAP!

A source told Radar Online that "Teen Mom" Amber Portwood swore up a storm at ex Gary Shirley's new girlfriend, Ashley. It all reportedly started when Ashley accidentally texted Portwood, which angered the young mom.

"Amber kept calling Ashley, asking her to 'meet up' so she could 'beat her a--,' " the source told the gossip site. "Amber just kept going, calling her a 'fat a-- pot belly pig,' and then even had a guy friend of hers call to try and scare Ashley by pretending he was a police officer."

The source said that Shirley later called Portwood to try to calm her down, which is a big no-no. A judge in December placed a no-contact order on Portwood, who is facing felony domestic battery charges for allegedly beating Shirley (the footage aired on MTV's "Teen Mom" last year), and her ex. If convicted, Portwood faces up to three years in jail and a hefty fine.

When Portwood kept up with the angry messages, Shirley's new lady love then tried to file a harassment report against her with the Anderson, Ind., Police Department, the source told the website. But Ashley was told to file the report with the sheriff's department instead. The source told Radar that Ashley plans to make the formal complaint this week.

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