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Report: Purse-makers don't want Snooki to carry their bags

Various fashion houses reportedly want distance from reality star Snooki -- so they're sending her free bags... from their competitors.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

"Jersey Shore's" "Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has become synonymous with the poof, an unearthly orange glow and regretting who she made out with the previous night - and now various fashion houses reportedly want distance from the reality star - so they're sending her free bags... from their competitors!

According to The New York Observer's Simon Doonan (via Celebuzz ), Snooki is a pawn in a reported raging style war — with the weapon of choice being supple fine leather.

We Did It All For The 'Snooki'! Hot Shots Of The 'Jersey Shore' Star!

When Snooki first burst on to the scene, the pint-sized reality darling never left home without her Coach bag, but lately Snooki has been sporting new Gucci gear (on the arm that's not gripping a mixed drink).

Doonan claims that various fashion houses are engaging in "preemptive product placement" or "unbranding," by sending Snooki new purses from their competitors' collection.

Mug Shot Mania

He adds, "The bottom line? Nobody in fashion wants to co-brand with Snooki."

Why any fashion house would not want to be linked to this adorable too-tanned reality cherub is beyond us, but with this new alleged theory coming to light (from the glow of the tanning bed) - we'll be keeping an eye out for Snooki's next new bag.

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