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Report: Jennifer Hudson angers Oprah

Oprah may have been laughing on camera, but behind the scenes, she was reportedly pretty steamed at Jennifer Hudson. The former "Idol" contestant was supposed to perform on "Oprah," but according to a clip from "Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes," she was very, very late for the scheduled taping.

The reason? According to realityblurred.com, JHud left Chicago after rehearsal and headed to Dallas for a private party without telling anyone. Check out the clip from our pals at Access Hollywood:


Realityblurred reports that Oprah was so displeased, she gave a "smackdown" to the singer after she finally arrived hours late, thanks to an ice storm.

Tim Gunn, who was also a guest that day, was present for the drama and lightened up the situation with a few laughs.

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