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Report: Hamm signs a huge 'Mad Men' deal

AMC / Today
Jon Hamm will be playing Don Draper on AMC's "Mad Men" for at least three more years.


"Mad Men" star Jon Hamm's new three-year deal with Lionsgate TV and AMC to continue on as the dashing Don Draper has a big paycheck attached to it. According to Deadline.com, the star's new contract will pay him an eight-figure amount. His deal makes him one of the highest paid actors on a cable series, according to the site.

Guess the actor's comment that he thought "Mad Men" should end was a great negotiation tactic!

Season five of "Mad Men" was delayed due to contract negotiations between show creator Matt Weiner, the network and Lionsgate TV. Rather than a summer 2011 premiere, the next season will arrive sometime in early 2012, with Hamm set to direct the first episode. Christina Hendricks, who stars as voluptuous Joan Harris, said the cast is set to start filming next month.

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