Report: ‘Grey's Anatomy’ hunks fight on set

/ Source: Access Hollywood

It’s one thing for Dr. McDreamy to punch out Dr. McSteamy like he did last season on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

It’s entirely another thing for the good doctor to face off with another cast member in real life, but that appears to be the case as Dr. McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey) and Dr. Burke (Isaiah Washington) squared off on the “Grey’s” set.

Before we get to the blow-by-blow, a quick tale of the tape:

Patrick weighs in at 165 pounds; he’s 5-foot-10; sports “Dreamy” blue eyes and just turned 40.

Isaiah has 30 pounds on Patrick, a 2-inch height advantage and is 43.

Now for the details…

Dempsey and Washington squared off in what is being called a “violent brawl” on the set. Reportedly, Isaiah grabbed Patrick by the throat after an argument broke out over cast members showing up late for work.

According to one source, Isaiah was “in Patrick’s face” and said some “disgusting things.”

Isaiah’s rep hasn’t denied the incident and released the following statement to Access Hollywood:

“Differences are inevitable. They were aired, resolved, and everyone has moved on.”

Isaiah is even apparently able to joke about the incident now, telling People magazine he’d never been that close to Dr. McDreamy before and “he has really pretty blue eyes.”

Patrick actually beat out Isaiah for the role of Dr. Derek Shepherd, and in the process has become the unofficial face (and of course, hair) of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

“It was between you and Patrick Dempsey as Dr. McDreamy?” Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush asked Isaiah in a recent interview.

“We were going against each other,” Washington confirmed. “The network chose him. They wanted him as Dr. Shepherd.”

Interestingly, as Washington was vying for the “Dreamy” role, producers had another primetime star-to-be in mind for the role of Preston Burke.

Paul Adelstein, the actor who now plays creepy Secret Service Special Agent Paul Kellerman on FOX’s “Prison Break,” was the actor originally lined up to play Dr. Burke.