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Report: 'American Idol' contestant hospitalized

One of the "Idol" hopefuls rumored to be in the top 24 is in the hospital, according to gossip site TMZ.com.

Sources on the set told the website that Casey Abrams was rushed to the hospital Wednesday after complaining about severe stomach pains while rehearsing his set. It's possible he may be in the hospital for longer than just overnight, which, as TMZ points out, could be seriously bad news for the 19-year-old's chances of continuing in the competition.

If reports are correct that Abrams is a finalist, he'll have to tape a scheduled performance on Friday, according to the website. If he can't, he could be out of the competition. However, the folks at "Idol" did tweak the schedule a bit when favorite Crystal Bowersox fell ill before a performance last season, so perhaps the same could happen again.

If you missed Abrams' audition, check it out now:


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